...Even if you are already neck deep into it 


The "secret" is 




And if you are in full alignment with yourself you will accomplish everything you set out to achieve. 

The emotional well-being of a 'Today-Man' must be aligned to this belief.

 If you have a burning desire to take control of your emotional well-being with a sense that change is needed BUT lack the direction and courage to step into your most vulnerable self, the place where your true power resides, this book will show you how to do it.

10 Critical Steps Before ANY Personal Development 

Discover the 10 steps that define the behavior that drives change and ignite this deeper awareness and bring it to the surface.


It all revolves around the following principles





To put it another way...






Give yourself the gift of honesty and vulnerability and activate the awareness needed before you embark upon any Personal Development journey.

My New Book Will Show You How To:


➡️  Enhance structure, efficiency and progress of your personal development

➡️  Rejuvenate your body by repairing and growing stronger

➡️  Feed your brain with real 'brain food'

➡️  Get on top of everything, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G

➡️  Allow transformation to occur, transformation that lasts!

➡️  Release negative energy

➡️  Practice progressive mastery to LITERALLY get to the very next level in ANY area of your life

➡️  Be spiritually part of something much bigger than you

➡️  Quieten your internal dialogue to let creativity in and then let it flow out

➡️  Make space for your vulnerability, the place where your true power resides

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An Open Letter To All Men Worldwide:

As men, we often overlook ourselves and ignore what is going on inside. We bottle up our feelings, we don’t process, we create resentments and that becomes our default behaviour. And before we know it, we find ourselves on a path of creating a series of bad decisions, bad thinking.

How many times have you stood amongst a group of friends, laughing away at life, but deep-down holding onto feelings that need to be dealt with, that need to come up to the surface?

We all represent our dark places differently and because of that we process them differently.

If you have a burning desire to take control of your emotional well-being with a sense that change is needed BUT lack the direction and courage to step into your most vulnerable self, the place where your true power resides, these 10 Steps will give you the start you have been looking for. 

Here's The Big Secret That's in My Book:


It's all about Self-Love.

What is Self-Love?

More importantly, a question for the ‘Today Man’, what is masculine self-love?

Is it having an understanding of the value we place on ourselves as men and therefore having a deeper insight into what our self-value actually is? Is it acknowledging how we as men, self-sabotage and prevent any kind of progressive forward movement? Does self-sabotage therefore need some airtime whilst we meander in and out of our definition of self-love? What about self-confidence and how do we, as men, cultivate more of it?

So what is self-love?

It is the forerunner. It is the leader. It is the governing force of how we excel, how we exist, how we behave, how we experience, how we evolve. It is the view to ourselves first and foremost. If this is tarnished in any way, big or small, we jeopardise our ability to get the best we can out of our lives.

Life itself is the most precious gift any of us could ever receive.

Here's what you are getting

I’ve put together an 86-page book that you can read in an afternoon.
This isn’t your typical self-help book with a bunch of theories and hypotheticals. I take you step-by-step through my process that I used for myself and that I use for my coaching clients. Steps that get results, real results that you can see and more importantly, feel.
The power in simplicity exponentially grows day by day, as long as you follow the guidelines as set out in these 10 steps.
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Here's what you'll discover

✅   You will discover how to make realistic goals that are linked to your “one big thing”.

✅  You will discover what your “one big thing” is. This is your OBT and is the reason, the REAL reason why you get out of bed.

✅  You will discover the driving force behind your actions and how to optimize them.

✅  You will discover how to make goals that are affirmable and that can be turned into daily attainable practices.

✅  You will discover how to be completely accountable for all areas of your self-development and create meaningful accountability plans that can be measured so that you can grow.

✅  You will discover how to listen to your body and the signals that it gives so that you can be in control of your emotions, actions and responses.

✅  You will discover how to gain clarity about your core values and the strengths that define you.

✅  You will discover how to unblock the view to your best projected future by removing negative self-talk and negative thinking.


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So, Yes, This Will Work For You To!

1️⃣  If you are a man who has a BURNING DESIRE to take control of his emotional well-being.

2️⃣  If you are a man who has a sense that change is needed but lacks the direction and courage to step into your most vulnerable self, the place where your true power resides.

3️⃣  If you are a man who wants to master new skills by reducing complexity and time but still have quantifiable results.

4️⃣  If you are a man who wants to accelerate your progress to master failed skills from your past.

5️⃣  If you are a man who is tired of the hustle of every single day and try to keep up with the demands that you place on yourself.

6️⃣  If you are a man who does not love himself because you cannot.

This is a big one, I know... and if you have read this far, then please know that self-love alone is the precursor to everything. Get on top of your self-love and watch everything else fall into place.

It's Decision Time, My Friend

You can download my 86-page book, 10 Critical Steps Before Ay Personal Development, and get everything you need to implement this game-changing framework into your life.
Or you can close out this page and keep doing what you've been doing.
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