Under Your Influence 2.0


Under Your Influence is an 8 week online transformational program for the 'Today-Man'.


But who is the 'Today-Man' ?


He is a man who has a BURNING DESIRE to take control of his emotional well-being.


He is a man who has a sense that change is needed but lacks the direction and courage to step into his most vulnerable self, the place where his true power resides.


He is a man who wants to master new skills by reducing complexity and time but still have quantifiable results.


He is a man who wants to accelerate his progress to master failed skills from his past.


He is a man who is tired of the hustle of every single day and tries to keep up with the demands that he places on himself.


He is a man who does not love himself because he cannot.


Are you a 'Today-Man' ?


Under Your Influence deals with the importance of self-love first. It creates a foundation of awareness that self-love is the inward view that is needed to redefine self-value, put an end to the maddening loop of self-sabotage and cultivates more self-confidence.


Alignment is the end goal, not achievement and the emotional well-being of a 'Today-Man' must be aligned to this belief.


If a 'Today-Man' finds alignment with himself and brings balance to the four areas of emotional well-being, he will naturally achieve.

Here's What It Will Give You


Emotional Well-being 

A framework to bring well-being to the 4 main areas of a 'Today-Man's' emotions




Leverage 'high performance coaching' fundamentals to fast track progress




Daily meditation practice to learn how to listen to your body and the signals that it gives



Get on top of your nutrition and find out exactly what you should be putting into your body



Close the loop with meaningful exercise that can bring joy and happiness instead of frustration.





Under Your Influence 2.0 is an 8 week online transformational program, for 'The Today-Man', split into two parts.


Part 1 consists of a 6 week course called:

'4 Pillars To Freedom'


Part 2 consists of a 2 week course called:

'14 Days To Progressive Mastery for The Today-Man'


Two courses historically held separately but merged together to form a unified toolkit for Men of today. 'The Today-Man'


4 Pillars To Freedom

Governed by the proprietary 'Extract-Ability Framework' and is designed to take you, a 'Today-Man', deeper into questions that you have not asked yourself before and allows you to take a different perspective on the areas that you should be setting intentions to and according to the personal work done, it will be a true reflection on the things that you should be giving attention to. Remember, where attention goes, energy flows.

The Framework is broken into 4 areas:

In Pillar 1 - SELF-LOVE 

In Pillar 2 - SELF-VALUE



Extraction is a continuous journey of self-discovery and is the process used to expose your strengths, define your core values and align them to your ONE BIG THING.

Your ONE BIG THING (OBT) is the reason you get up in the morning. It's what makes you tick and is the secret to successful transformation and life fulfilment.

Using the Extract-Ability FrameworkTM will not only re-define your strengths, core values and OBT, it will also empower you with a system of accountability to ensure that the transformation is effective and long-lasting

Course value: $797.00

14 Days To Progressive Mastery For

The 'Today-Man'

In order to perform at a high level one needs to institute the right kind of framework. And to get to the next level in anything, a progressive mastery mindset and practice towards it, is imperative to achieve these results. Everyones results are different because everyones goals are different. But what remains the same is that goals are forever changing. 14 Days To Progressive Mastery can bring control to an array of goals that you might have and help you achieve them quicker. This challenge has been designed using 10 unique steps applied to 4 phases spread out over 14 days:

Phase 1 - PREPARE


Phase 3 - REFINE

Phase 4 - ROLLOUT

After executing each day like this you will have clarity and invaluable insight into your strengths and areas that need improving because they will be in full ALIGNMENT with high levels of emotion and meaning. Trust the process and let it guide you. This is another reason why Alignment must be the end goal, not achievement.

Course value: $297.00

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am confident that any man who dissolves himself into Under Your Influence will truly rediscover himself, smile at himself, release stuck patterns, find emotional freedom and at the same time be physically challenged in a world he didn't think he could ever exist in. 

If you feel like you have honestly and opening given every part of yourself to this course and still have no breakthroughs or sense of progress then you will be refunded.


Here's what others are saying about Under Your Influence


I've known Theo for many years, so when the opportunity presented itself to do Under Your Influence with him I jumped at it. Theo is super passionate about people and is determined to have a world of people, driven by purpose, living their best life. Theo has got it! He has travelled the road with his own incredible journey and has developed this course from extensive research, not only from books, literature and seminars but from his own very personal experiences - he walks the talk! The course material is designed to take you through a progression of simple processes and exercises, unwrapping layers upon layers of complex baggage we have collected over the years so you can realise your own superpower and learn how to own it. If you know you have more and need a jump start on your own journey, this course is definitely for you.


Theo is a dedicated personal development coach who brings all of the skills and expertise needed to ensure that transformation occurs. Working with Theo is a rare opportunity, he is self-driven with a high amount of energy that cannot be matched. He believes strongly in the importance of mentorship and coaching and models the example with vulnerability first. It was a great pleasure working with Theo, and I can highly recommend his program Under Your Influence.

The Bonus Vault

To compliment Under Your Influence 2.0 a bonus vault is included in this offer which in itself is a journey. The maintenance of your emotional well-being is guaranteed through three essential elements:




Bonus 1

Meditation Package

Well-being is accessible for anyone and it is easily made available through the gift that is meditation. Multiple guided resources are available in this bonus package that will bring peace, harmony, tranquility and abundance to anyone.

Expert Guidance

Mind/Body/Spirit Approach

Meditation Mantra

The Power Of Intention-Setting


Bonus 1 value: $98.00

Bonus 2

Nutrition Package

Nutrition plans are usually hit and miss. In my quest to find the ultimate balance of nutrition and associated knowledge I learned that less is more. This bonus package includes a library of meaningful nutrition information along with a nutrition assessment and suggested eating plans which will bring about immediate gains to your current eating regime.


Food Library

Healthy Eating Plans


Bonus 2 value: $80.00

Bonus 3

Exercise Package

As an Ironman Coach I understand the frustrations that are faced when it comes to creating a health and fitness plan that can actually be followed and more importantly be enjoyed. This bonus package contains 8 exercise programs to get you started on any level you might be on and will bring you closer to your newly defined goals. It also includes an online assessment which is used to suggest a starting point within this huge plethora of training programs.






Bonus 3 value: $511.00

Bonus 4


Included in this huge bonus vault is a Resources section with carefully designed tools to help keep you accountable to newly defined areas based on a lot of deep inner work.

Accountability Planner

8 Week Calendar

Private Facebook Group


Bonus 4 value: $16.00


UYI 2.0

$1,799.00 USD

No More Second Guessing

Finally a way exists for you to truly find happiness within yourself and discover more about yourself than you ever have before.