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Under Your Influence 2.0

Is an 8 week transformational program for the 'Today-Man', that helps men rediscover themselves, smile at themselves, release stuck patterns, find emotional freedom and at the same time offers them a chance to be physically challenged in a world they didn't think they could ever exist in. 


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4 Pillars To Freedom

A program designed to take you, the 'Today-Man', deeper into questions that you have not asked yourself before and allows you to take a different perspective on the areas that you should be setting intentions to.


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14 Days To Progressive Mastery For The 'Today-Man'

In order to perform at a high level one needs to institute the right kind of framework. And to get to the next level in anything, a progressive mastery mindset and practice towards it, is imperative to achieve these results.


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Stay Fit Not Still

Most people will never make any real performance gains, feel strong or get to a physical point of actually feeling better regardless of how they look. Why? Because they’re making all the typical mistakes: Too much reliance on external attachment and equipment, improper sequencing, the wrong exercises, the wrong training split, the wrong rest periods, and improper technique.


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