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The Power of Happiness Habits

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In a time like this, it is important to make sure we are instituting the right kind of 'Happiness Habits’

In my daily routine I endeavour to ensure as much happiness as I can muster up ESPECIALLY when there are external forces that are pushing me down.

It takes time and practice but once taken on-board you can see how your day gets surprisingly easier to manage: 

10 daily happiness habits that will change your life:

  1. Define your happiness - Saying that you want to be happy is not enough. What makes you happy? Is it getting through the day with little to no negative-emotional attachment to what is going on around you? Impossible! Is it spending more quality time with those you love? Essential! Is it smashing through your goals and making money? Maybe! Whatever it is, write it down but make sure it is something that truly makes you happy, big things, small things, whatever it needs to be. But write it down. Do you have a journal?
  2. Be present - Focussing on things that are not considered ‘in the moment’ push you away from being present in what you need to achieve, each and every day. Try to not let outside distractions get to you. We do this by defining what makes us happy. See step 1…..
  3. Don't overanalyse - I don’t mean, don’t pay attention to the detail you need to in order to do your job. I mean don’t overanalyse what makes you happy and how to be more present. If you concentrate on the small things that make you happy you will immediately start to be more aware of the wonderful things you have available to you which in itself forces presence. See step 2…..
  4. Focus on positive outcomes - Especially now, we all need to focus on positive outcomes. We can get swallowed up in all the negative things that we are all hearing every single day. And they no doubt seem to be over-numbering the positive things. But that is because we are not paying attention to the positive things. See step 1 to 3…. These will help to force focussing on positive outcomes.
  5. Let go of specific outcomes - Once you are in the habit of focussing on positive outcomes you will naturally let go of focussing on specific outcomes. The trouble with focussing on specific outcomes is that it gives room for focussing on negative outcomes which then seep into your subconscious and into your full-blown awareness. So stick with focussing on your positive outcomes only. See step 1 to 3…… :)
  6. Don't be afraid to fail - I love that this is firmly planted smack bang in the middle of this mini-happiness-habit-framework. Failure is inevitable. What is not inevitable is our reluctance to buy into the fact that failure is inevitable. I have gotten myself to the point where I welcome failure because I require failure to grow, provided of course we are making earnest attempts to grow. And if we are in the habit of instituting steps 1 to 4 whilst failing, that ’thing’ that seems to fail won’t feel like a failure, it will feel like a lesson. Again, see steps 1 to 4…..
  7. Let go of grudges - Grudges towards YOURSELF, not others. Letting go of grudges towards others is beyond the scope of this mini-framework (sort of…..). But letting go of grudges towards yourself is intrinsically connected to not being afraid to fail. So if you are finding yourself getting caught up in your failures then tell yourself that it is ok to fail, it really is. You are worth more than the credit you give (or don't give) to yourself. Learn to love yourself, tell yourself that you love yourself and WRITE IT DOWN. If you hold a grudge against yourself you are literally holding yourself at ransom. But who is going to pay the ransom? There is no ransom, there is only love. Love is the only thing we need to survive. So love yourself. 
  8. Be grateful for what is in front of you - This is actually something that should be done as a parallel step to everything above. Gratitude is the single most important element to ensuring our happiness and general well being. This plays a massive part in Pillar 1 and throughout the UFI framework. If you are grateful, enough times throughout the day, for the things that you already have in abundance, again, the small things, then that alone will force your awareness to what you already have which then allows you to be more present in the moment. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. Have you set your gratitude reminders in your calendars three times a day? Don’t forget to physically write down what you are grateful for.
  9. Don't settle for good enough - This may seem like a contradiction to everything you have just read. This is all about you! You are not just ‘good enough’. You are perfect, you are abundant and you are capable of so much more. But we have to start small and build from there. That is why we have these 10 steps to help guide our happiness. Don’t settle for happiness that is just ‘good enough’. Settle for happiness that is abundant. How do you get there? See steps 1 to 8….
  10. Be spiritually part of something bigger - We are part of something much bigger than ourselves. We are also part of each other. At the molecular level, we are made up of energy. Energy that is constantly moving and shifting. We have the ability to dissolve our awareness into this fact. The universe has us and we have it. Whether you want to see this as a religious attachment or something else, then leverage it. Just be mindful that you are NOT alone. You are loved and you are seen. You are acknowledged and you are supported. Open your heart, open your mind and watch countless opportunities unfold. 

These 10 principles are intrinsically linked to my new life, a life that I am now living that is a direct result of transcending myself through a structured framework, one that allows me to take on the above mentioned attributes seamlessly and with little effort. Primarily because everything I do is aligned to my core values, core values that I had to redefine in my extraction process. 

Again, it takes time and practice but once taken on-board you can see how your day gets surprisingly easier to manage.

And in taking on this daily attitude and daily decision:

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