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10 Critical Steps Before Any Personal Development

mastery personal development progressive mastery self help Dec 30, 2020

Personal development is not an overnight sensation that can be applied to any area of your life needing improvement with the expectation that it will bring radical change with little to no applicability. Often the desire to change is not enough to initiate change. There is a deeper awareness that must be brought to the surface before actual change can occur.

‘10 CRITICAL STEPS BEFORE ANY PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT’ is an eBook written with specific intent. It showcases 10 steps that pertain to specific behaviour required before embarking upon any personal development course or journey. Behaviour drives change. Repetitive and committed behaviour drives radical change.

By understanding these 10 steps and applying them to your specific instance, they can ignite this deeper awareness and bring it to the surface. As we embark upon quest after quest, we search for knowledge and inspiration through other peoples journeys. But commonly found, there is a pattern to becoming the best version of yourself and that pattern begins with these 10 steps.

If you know that change is required and you are committed to make that change within yourself, then accepting these 10 steps or forms of behaviour rather, will give you the grounding that you require before embarking upon any personal development course.

Personal Development is forever because you are forever. Give yourself the gift of honesty and vulnerability and take a considered approach to these 10 steps. And as you read them, ask yourself if your life at the moment is reflective of any one of them. If it is then great. If not, then consider first accepting that there are areas that require a change in position. And when that awareness is activated, then whatever personal journey you decide to go on, will be met with a mind, body, heart and soul that is in full alignment. And if you are in full alignment with yourself you will accomplish everything you set out to achieve.

  1. Routine
  2. Rest
  3. Nutrition
  4. Exercise
  5. New Experiences
  6. Change of Scenery
  7. New Challenges
  8. Connect with a Higher Power
  9. Meditation and Gratitude
  10. Let go of your Ego

To learn more about each of these steps you can download your free copy of this eBook by CLICKING THE FOLLOWING LINK:

10 Critical Steps Before Any Personal Development

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